A Day at Dublin Zoo

I am one of those people who have a love hate relationship with zoos. I don't like the idea of the animals not in their native environments, however I know they are cared for well and have been in captivity all their lives. Dublin Zoo is a great zoo to visit as the animals have lots of space to live. It was very warm when we visited so many of the animals were just relaxing in the sun..  Below are some of my photographs, the Gorillas are always a favourite and just look at the Red Panda-he is adorable!! He was so chilled out relaxing on this branch in the sun... I wanted to take him home with me. The Giraffe was warm and came close for a drink of water, they are so elegant... I will post more animals in my next post.. Which animals are your favourite?

Around my home

This weekend was a bank holiday weekend here in Ireland which was great to get the extra day off work. I still have a lot of holidays to take so hopefully the weather will pick up again and I can enjoy the sunshine. Apologies for the lack of blog posts, pop over to my Instagram account to see what I've been up to around the farm and garden. Below are a few images from around my home this week...


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